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Countdown to Expected Arrival in 2017 based on Arrival in 2016     (Red indicates Lateness)
As arrival time is unknown for most of these Countdown indicates 12 Noon on the day
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Nest/Bird Ringed Expected Countdown
Threave Castle Male Black 80 27th March 2017
Dyfi Female — Glesni Blue 12 3rd April 2017
Female — No fixed abode Blue 24 25th March 2017 Arrived 24th March
Rutland MB Male Blue 33 27th March 2017 Arrived 22nd March
Foulshaw Moss Female Blue 35 2nd April 2017
Kielder 4 Male Blue 69 12th April 2017
Tweed Valley Female Blue AS6 20th April 2017
Threave Castle Female Blue KC 23rd March 2017
Balgavies Loch Male Green BF 30th March 2017
Kielder 2 Female White EB 30th March 2017
Loch Garten Female — EJ White EJ 21st March 2017 Arrived 23rd March
Bassenthwaite Female White KL 25th March 2017
Tweed Valley Male White SS 20th April 2017
Caerlaverock Female White TR 8th April 2017
Balgavies Loch Female White UF 30th March 2017
Kielder 1A Male White YA 26th March 2017 Arrived 26th March
Roudsea Wood Male White YC 29th March 2017
Foulshaw Moss Male White YW 3rd April 2017
Kielder 2 Male Yellow 37 24th March 2017
Aberfoyle Male Unringed 24th March 2017
Aberfoyle Female Unringed 3rd April 2017
Bassenthwaite Male Unringed 28th March 2017
Born in the Borders Male Unringed 2nd April 2017
Born in the Borders Female Unringed 2nd April 2017
Caerlaverock Male Unringed 8th April 2017
Dyfi Male — Monty Unringed 3rd April 2017
Glaslyn Male — Aran Unringed 12th April 2017
Glaslyn Female — MrsG Unringed 23rd March 2017 Arrived 22nd March
Kielder 1A Female Unringed 26th March 2017
Kielder 3 Male Unringed 31st March 2017
Kielder 3 Female Unringed 31st March 2017
Kielder 4 Female Unringed 12th April 2017
Loch Doon Male — Cullen Unringed 14th April 2017
Loch Doon Female — Angel Unringed 14th April 2017
Loch Garten Male — Odin Unringed 27th March 2017
Loch of the Lowes Male — LM12 Unringed 25th March 2017 Arrived 16th March
Loch of the Lowes Female — LF15 Unringed 18th March 2017 Arrived 23rd March
Lochters Male — Branson Unringed 28th March 2017
Lochters Female — Libby Unringed 31st March 2017
Roudsea Wood Female Unringed 31st March 2017
Rutland MB Female — Maya Unringed 21st March 2017 Arrived 22nd March
Welsh Nest ON5 Male — Dylan Unringed 25th April 2017
Welsh Nest ON5 Female — Delyth Unringed 8th April 2017

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