UK Ospreys Guestbook

 ; Name: Carol Clegg
Location: Hertfordshire
Date: 29 March 2017

Thank you for a great website. I am looking forward to the coming osprey season and the information here is very useful. We get a number of osprey sightings in this area, but despite some birds staying for a few days and a few osprey platforms in the county, we have yet to have a breeding pair.

Name: Jackie Morris
Location: Barry, S.Wales
Date: 26 March 2017

I have been following the ospreys for 3 years and was lucky enough to visit the Dyfi last year on my 60th birthday. I have just found this site and look forward to reading and learning so much here in one place.

Name: Stephen Quinn
Location: Gateshead
Date: 26 March 2017

This site has become my bible on all things Osprey (and more) this year I have booked Loch Garten and will visit my local Kielder birds as well as Lake District and Rutland Water. #hooked!

Name: Lynda Langford
Location: Shropshire
Date: 20 March 2017

I really like the info on sites such as Rutland/Kielder/Dyfi. I've learned a lot this morning which was totally new to me. Thanks, excellent resource.

Name: Darren Jones
Location: Manchester
Date: 13 March 2017

Thanks for such an informative site. I enjoy following Ospreys.
I try to get to Rutland a couple of times a year.